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Examination Kit Rentals
*Prices Effective March 1st, 2018

Cosmetology Kit - $110.00

Does Not Include, Manikin Hand, Manikin Head, or Tripod

Barber Kit - $75.00

*new price of $100.00 will be in effect as of March 1st, 2018
Does Not Include Clippers, Manikin Head or Tripod

Manicure Kit - $50.00

Does Not Include Manikin Hand

Esthetics Kit - $85.00

Includes Manikin Head


(Available Only with Kit Rental)

Tripod Rental - $20.00

Jacket Rental - $5.00

Manikin Hands & Heads Purchased Are Yours to Keep

Manikin Hand - $20.00

Flexible Hand with Tips Installed and Shaped

Manikin Head - $55.00

100% Human Hair 8-10" Layered