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Customer Testimonials

Thank you letter      Thank you letter

I went to my School and told them how wonderful your services/kit are.You guys took the guess work out of the complete set-up, and made it so easy!! Anyway, I passed and owe much thanks to Rent A Kit! Thanks so much!!

Pamela H

I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for the wonderful job you do creating the cosmetology kits. I took my board yesterday and received my license. :) Everything was so perfectly organized and had everything I needed plus so much more. The one stop shop for my mannequin head and hand was amazing as well. The unpacking of the kit and station set-up demonstration was so worth getting there at 5:45am, it put me at ease knowing what was in the kit and how to organize it. Kudos to your amazing staff for their hard work. Any questions I had they were always so helpful and had a smile on their faces. I was definitely impressed with your services and will make sure everyone I know taking their exam in the future rents a kit with you guys. Thanks again!

Ashley R

EXCELLENT!!!! I rented a kit for my Esthetics license and passed practical exam--kit was great! Definitely worth every penny!! Wonderful customer service also. Thanks so much Rent-A-Kit!!!!!

Cindy M

Just wanted to thank you guys! I passed my state board exam yesterday without the stress of putting together a kit! You guys are awesome!


Just want to thank you for the great customer service!

Nancy R

Can I just say that Rent A Kit and their staff treat you so well. Kudos to them for excellence in customer service and their commitment to the beauty professionals success.


I just wanted to tell you guys how great your company is. I truly feel that your kit rental helped my confidence, time, and chances in passing my state board exam. Thanks so much for your services. Keep up the great work!


I've just received my licence and these guys really helped. The kit was put together, everything labeled & you could asked them for anything extra you wanted to add. They also show you how to open the kit & set up, answer all the questions, even the most stupid ones! :) Overall the experience was great & really recommend them to all future Estheticians, Cosmetologists & Nail Technicians!


Oh wow! This is what I call service! What a great experience I had! Saw them off yelp, and gave them a ring a nice lady i think her name was Nancy? Picked up, very friendly! She gave me all the answers I wanted! I asked if she knew where I could get a quick study guide to help me with state board, and bada bim bada boom...there was a study guide in my hands 2 days later! she sent it to me so quick!!! Hands down best customer service!


Thank you! I couldn't have done it without your help!


You all are so incredibly helpful! What a wonderful company! Thank you so very much for being so easy to work with! I sincerely can’t thank you enough!


Thank you so much the kit was awesome and you guys are very helpful and encouraging. You helped me pass!!


Great Customer Service, and very helpful I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I had my state board exam yesterday and I passed! Thank You so much, you guys were very helpful and put me somewhat at ease after my demo. I recommend Rent-A-Kit! Keep up the good work!


I just want to thank the entire staff of Rent a Kit. I took my test today, 2/7, and I don't think I could have passed without the relief of your stress-free kit. Keep up the good work, thank you again for helping me achieve my dream!


I wanted to say thank you for providing this service, the kit was GREAT and I can’t have imagined taking the test without it. The kit was very thorough and off the top of my head the only thing that I can think off to make the kit better is to put a cotton ball in the PD test to remind you to wash the area before applying the test. Thanks again. And I will definitely recommend your service.


(Cotton Balls have since been added to the P.D.Test)