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It's Your Day and We're Here to Help You Pass!

Rent A Kit has been supplying State Board Kits since 1991. We realize that your state board exam is one of the most important times in your life. And we're here to help. We are located in the same building as State Board. We're there for you from the time you arrive at State Board until the time you leave.

We offer same day California State Board Kit Rental for Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Barbers and Manicurists.

Stress Free Kits Designed to Save You Time

Over 20 years of development in our kit design
All Appointments are Pre-Packaged with Extra Supplies
All Equipment is Clean, Sanitary and Disinfected
All Services are Clearly Labeled for Fast, Easy Setup
We provide Extra Equipment throughout our kit
Our Kits are Quality Inspected Twice and Once More by You
If we have it you're more than welcome to use it

Live Kit Demonstration Classes

Live Kit Demonstration class the day of your exam
Step by Step Setup on a State Board Station
Helpful Tips and Reminders
All Demonstrations are within accordance of
State Board Performance Criteria and Scope Sheet

Demonstration Times

5:45 AM - Cosmetologists
5:45 AM - Barbers
11:00 AM - Estheticians
12:15 PM - Manicurists

Please Remember to Bring Your Admission Letter